photo (46)A few minutes ago T2, having finished all of his homework and knocked out his reading for the day (earning a pokemon card) sat down to play a little Madden on the X-Box.

He’s not a great Madden player.  He was a tendency to go for it on fourth and anything.  He decides to pass or run on a whim and defense bores him.  But he likes making his own teams.  You can actually set the game up to play against itself and that’s what he does about 50% of the time, watching it like it is a live game.

As the game was loading, music by Snoop Dogg played in the background.  T2 is a dancer.  He not only enjoys doing it, he is really good at it.  He’s got more rhythm than everyone else in the house put together.  During football, I occasionally had to admonish him to stop dancing because the other team was about to snap the ball.  Anyway, the video game started playing Snoop and T2 started dancing.  He was bopping his head and waving his arms to the beat. Then he stood up and started shaking his butt.

“What are you doing?” his mom asked.

“I’m twerking!” he said.

“What?” said his mom.

“Twerking!” he said, still shaking. “I think.  Am I twerking?”

“I honestly have no idea what twerking looks like,” I said.

“Twerking is fun,” said T2, jumping up in the air, spinning, and slapping his butt instead of shaking it.

“I don’t…I don’t think that is twerking,” I said.

“Okay,” said his mom, “no more twerking.”

“Or whatever it is I’m doing,” said T2.

“Or that.”


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