photo (43)I bought myself a new TV for my birthday.

The TV I had was approximately ten years old, one of the first flat screen LCD models.  The one I got cost half as much as the old one, is bigger and has about a 100 times better picture.  Progress.

T2 and I were flipping through the channels, marveling at the crystal clear picture.  We stopped briefly on the Discovery Channel, or Animal Planet, whichever channel it is that has the show about lunatics who hunt Bigfoot.

“Bigfoot isn’t real,” stated T2.

“No,” I said, “no it isn’t”

“It’s just a huge monkey.”

T2 has a funny relationship with television.  His memory is impressive, he believes everything he sees and he has no concept of how money works.  This makes him an advertising executive’s favorite person in the world.

“We should get that,” he says at least once a commercial break.

“That’s a salad shooter. You don’t like salad.”

“But it makes it not wet!”

We recently had a hotly contested gubernatorial race here and the commercials for both candidates flooded the airwaves.  T1 and I were watching football and T2 was playing Lego when one of the candidate’s ads came on, T2 immediately jumped in.

“I’m not voting for him,” said the eight year old. There was real outrage in his voice.  “He sued the university, they had to spend lots of money to defend against it!”

He then went on to list several other transgressions that this candidate had gotten tagged for in other ads.

“He’s just horrible,” he explained.

This was immediately followed by a commercial for the other candidate in the same race.

“I’m not voting for him,” said T2, again. “He fired a bunch of people and doesn’t like jobs!  He’s just horrible!”

He has a pretty firm grasp on the political process and our average level of candidate.

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