photo (40)I turn 39 years old tomorrow.

Having a Halloween birthday is actually pretty great. Everyone is already in a celebratory mood and it’s not a deal where you get screwed out of presents because people combine your birthday present with Jesus’s.

When I was younger, Halloween was amazing. I grew up in the suburbs (so full circle there) and the neighborhood was full of kids. I usually went as a monster or a Star Wars character or as a kids sized action figure. I went as a ninja several times when ninjamania swept the US in the mid 80s. I very clearly remember walking outside in my costume and breathing in the cooling fall night air. I can remember the world being lit by porch lights, jack o’ lanterns and parents’ flashlights. Packs of kids would be everywhere, running from house to house, yelling and laughing, watched from a distance by smaller packs of moms and dads.

We have a similar situation in our neighborhood now. Kids everywhere, family packs running through the streets banging on doors, laughing and yelling. The people in the neighborhood really get into it as well. Probably half the houses have some sort of decorations with a few of them going all out.

I really love taking T2 Trick or Treating. T1 is too old (although he has a costume) but T2 is still the perfect age. He puts on a costume and he isn’t just wearing an outfit, he becomes whatever it is he is dressed as. I remember how that was, how your outfit actually felt transformative.

As I take off my He-Man mask and am suddenly almost forty years old, I appreciate the ability to change who you are. Honestly I feel like I’ve done that in the last year to a pretty significant degree. I really like my new costume.

I feel like I should wax poetic about growing older and how I feel like an adult but don’t really feel like I’ve grown up but on the night before Halloween I really don’t feel like it.

I’ve got pumpkins to carve.

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  1. Happy Birthday Patrick! You are correct you have grown and you finding the Love of your Life and two Outstanding young men has made you a better person. I know several men who have attempted to do what you have done but only one, You Patirck who has made it work.
    God Bless you and your Family
    Deacon Dan

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