photo (38)I am not a fan of my hair.  Always on the “fine” side it has relatively recently taken a turn for the thin. My hairline is engaged in a long, slow retreat like flood water receding after a particularly handsome monsoon.   The boys love to give me shit about this.

One morning last week I walked into the family room to find T1 sitting on the couch, having his traditional breakfast of Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits.  The television was on and I could see he had paused the Today Show.

“Hey, Patrick,” he said, “I’m glad you are here.  I wanted to make sure you saw this.”

He hit play on the remote.  Matt Lauer was interviewing a doctor about fantastic new strides that science had made in the field of hair restoration.


T2 likes to stand on the same couch when I am sitting on the floor, stare down at me and loudly proclaim that he can see the top of my head through my hair.

So adorable.

But hey, on the bright side, it is still a delightful mix of brownish-blond, a palette of color that makes you think of fall days and rich, full bodied adult beverages.  So I got that going for me.

Today in the car I happened to glance up into the review mirror.

Two strands of grey hair were pretty prominently mixed in with the brown and the blond.

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