photo (35)As I have mentioned before, T2 is very creative.  He regularly comes to me with project ideas and my default response is “yeah, we can do that.”  Then I scurry off to try to figure out how.  He’s tenacious too, he will keep on me about it until I secure whatever it is we need (supplies/technical know how/whatever) so he can craft his latest piece of art. I’m like the Rick Rubin of our house, padding around barefoot while a talented but demanding little artist yips at me to help him realize his vision.

Lately, he has been writing.  I think it is because T1 has had a lot of writing projects for his English class.  He (T1) writes up drafts, we print them out and then we both go over his assignments, editing them in an attempt to make them better.  T1 has a real ear for dialogue and is super clever with his imagery.  A recently short story he wrote found one of his characters “shivering like a wet chinchilla.”  T2 sees us working on T1’s writing and wants to take part.

First he wrote a Halloween story.  Then he came to me and announced, “I want to make a song.”

“Yeah,” I said. “We can do that.  Go write the lyrics.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“The words,” I said.


He did.

I’m going to post the song here and give you, gentle reader, the opportunity to listen to it before we proceed any further.  I don’t want to ruin it, just click on the little arrow and give it a quick listen.



Let’s talk about what just happened.

I’ve no idea where that voice came from.  T2 has a nice voice and when he reads it actually (usually) pitches up a few octaves and becomes sing -songy.  Like, bird sing-songy not pits of hell sing-songy.  He had shown me his lyrics and I read them, but we when sat down at the computer and he picked up the microphone (purchased for $10 at Target earlier that day) I had no idea he was going to do…that.  He clearly had a vision in his head as to what the song should sound like and really understood the story of the monster that didn’t mess around, wasn’t your pet, could run fast, was attracted by light and would probably kill or scare you unless you went to bed.  Like, now.    He had hassled me for a few days to find scary background music and we had listened to three or four choices before he settled on what we used but…I didn’t expect demon voice.  I understand that most of my vast readership hasn’t ever spoken to T2 but, that’s not how he sounds.

He was actually sitting in front of me while doing the recording, which was good because that meant  he was facing the computer and thus couldn’t see the look of total surprise on my face.  The eight year old was suddenly channeling Rob Zombie or Gwar.

He did it in one take.  I liked it so much that I tried to convince him that he needed a second verse but once T2 lays down his paintbrush, he moves on to the next thing.  He was very satisfied with the outcome, his only concern being that we burn it to a CD as quickly as possible.

The best part was T1’s reaction.  Our entire recording session took about 20 minutes and was done before T1 got home from school.  He had no idea we were doing it, he just came in the door, walked up the stairs and found the three of us staring at the TV where the song was playing through the speakers.  T1 listened for a second., cocked his head a bit and the said, “Wait…is that T2?”

We confirmed it was.  You could see the conflict wash over him.

“That,” he said as grudgingly as I’ve ever heard anyone say anything, “is actually pretty awesome.”

The Halloween Song is a 2013 production by Aylor Music which holds all the rights. Go to bed.

4 thoughts on “Spooky

  1. Good God!! That is actually scary. Glad I listened to it in the daytime. Good job. Now be on the lookout for revolving head and pea soup. And oh yeah–lock your bedroom door at night. Whoooooooooooo ! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. As one who is terrified of horror movies, I too am glad I listened while it was still light out. Your vast readership will definitely have trouble sleeping after this one! Bwahahahahahah.

  3. I, frankly, am not too surprised. I think I heard a bit of this while you all were in Chicago – at least the monster voice. However, I do have one suggestion. Make sure you have more than one copy of the CD and put it in a very secure place. Remember the movie you, David, Shannon and Boomer made. I wish we had not lost it. One thing for sure, T2 is extremely talented.

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