photo (26)The boys got home on Friday.   I’ve missed them greatly and their mother couldn’t be more excited about them being back.  She prides herself on being stoic but more than once I’ve seen her sitting on the couch with her eyes all watery.

I’ve done it twice now, this bringing them back into the house after a long absence, and there is always an adjustment period.  There are old habits that they have lost and new ones they have picked up and getting them back to where they need to be takes some effort.  This goes for us as well as for them.

We are getting their sleep schedules back in line with something that will work during the school year, reinstituting family dinners, getting both boys ready for football and a hundred other little things. The amount of times we have to take the garbage out per day has doubled.   Our grocery bills have tripled.  The amount of laundry we have to do has quadrupled while the amount of time we have to do it has shrunk by half.  I can’t say the “f word” with impunity anymore.

T1 has gotten even taller during the summer and so we have to go shopping in a few days to get him new clothes.  He is well into being a teenager and so he sleeps a lot.  Also related to being a teenager, last night we had a hilarious conversation about how it would be wonderful if Sports Illustrated swimsuit super model Kate Upton was his doctor.  His reasoning made perfect sense and now I wish Sports Illustrated swimsuit super model Kate Upton was my doctor as well.  He is a very funny young man when he is not being a very surly young man.  Ahhh….13.

We have T2 doing school work every day in order to get him back in learning mode.  Every morning he has to do a couple of writing assignments, a few pages of math and then he has 30 minutes of reading per day.

He’s actually sitting across from me at the kitchen table right now.  He is wearing a blanket on his head and has a gigantic smile made out of cherry juice, cherries being his new favorite food, on his face.  He  looks like the Howdy Doody version of the love child of the Virgin Mary and the Joker.  He is doing a worksheet where he has to fill in missing words.  Thus far he has asked why the word aardvark has the letter a twice at the beginning (“I have no idea, maybe it’s a Dutch word.” “Why does my teacher expect me to know Dutch?”), pointed out that being “afraid of the shark” makes just as much sense as being “afraid of the dark” (fair point), and expressed confusion over the title of the song “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” (“Does anyone ever say hark except for in the song I’ve never heard of?” “No.”).

Yesterday by actual count he said my name 67 times in 45 minutes.  It was funny, then it was a little annoying and then it was funny again.

There is a lot of sappy bullshit written about what makes a house a home.  All of that sappy bullshit is true.

It’s absolutely fabulous to have them back.

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  1. Also, you forget when you’re not around them all the time (like us now) just how funny your children (grandchildren) are.

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