So, I got a Toyota Prius.

I mean, I’m driving a lot more and the gas mileage, well, it just can’t be beat!  That hybrid motor, that’s amazing technology in action!  It starts with a button push and the inside looks a little like a space ship.  That’s all cool, right?

And the price was extremely good, I got a used one, but not too used, just a year or so without a lot of wear on it!

It’s silver and in excellence shape!   And Car and Driver said it’s the best in class for…err…car, things…that…emm..they, judge and….


3 thoughts on “Yuppie Scum

  1. The car deaalership just called. They did find both of your testicles in the back seat of your old jeep. They are sending them to you.

  2. Interesting. You always say, “A car is just a car”, but maybe that’s not true, she said with her big hulking SUV sitting in the garage. I don’t know.

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